Monday, 7 May 2018


These type of satin flowers are usable for making hair accessories and children's frock.
It making is vwry easy. Here described the step by step process of the making.
I think its very usable for childrens  and all others who started flower making

Here given the needed things below 

1 . Satin Ribbon 


3. Lighter

4 . plucker

5. Glue 

5. Beeds
                                                      6.  Felt paper

Firstly cut the satin ribbon length 7 cm .We used a card length 7 cm for this purpose. Rapped the satin ribbon in this card and cut equal length piece.After that it fold like the picture given below.
After that doing the work shows the picture below 

This petal side was melt with the help of lighter

We will get these type of petals. Need 20petals for making a medium size flower.
 After that we cut a round sahpe base from felt. and these petals are stick it like a flower.We gat a beautiful flower.

Thank you all. Please try this.....

Friday, 4 May 2018


Items Needed

1 . Card boad boxes

2 . cloths

3 . glue

4 . scissor

5 . beads or butten

6 . cardboard peice

Take a card board boxes. and stick cloth in to this.
After that it was take and stick with each other as our wish

After set the glue we stick it in to an another card boad peace - it already covered with cloth- 
like the picture as shown below
tThis holder decorated with buttens beeds and flowers etc. 

This one an another table holder i already set. It used to the childrens for arranging their pens, pencils, and rubbers etc. 

Thank you